Reviews & Testimonials

I really enjoyed Joey's explanations and his energy with Tarot. Love the cat's input as well. Will look for more info on Joey.” (Fun & Easy Intro to All 78 Tarot Cards + Best for Beginners Natasha Wright).

“I found Joey to be very thorough, and explained well. Definitely interested in learning more. If I lived in Toronto I would most definitely visit the store and learn more.” (Intro to Chakras & 22 Energy Healing Crystals Candice Lee Ray).

This course gave me detailed information and confirmation of some things I already knew and some I didn't know.  It's a great introductory class on how to work with both crystals and chakras, but the best part is learning how to use them together.” (Intro to Chakras & 22 Energy Healing Crystals Heather Cook)

This was a great course. I enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone looking for a crystal 101 class.” (Crystal Master Certification Megan Avalos)

I have always loved crystals but have never learned about their individual properties and ways to use them. This course was very interesting and a great introduction to further my learning. I hope there will be future sessions. Joey was a great teacher; the subject matter was explained clearly and was easy to understand. Thanks.” (Crystal Master Certification, Rebecca Ruff)

“I absolutely loved this workshop, as well as the instructor! He was extremely knowledgeable and fun!” (Crystal Master Certification, Aubrey Willey).

I like Joey and Snaps, Joey explains information in an easy way to understand. I like all the resources available also. I found Joey's enthusiasm to be enjoyable. Look forward to doing the Crystal course.”  (Tarot Master Certification, Tamara Mills)

Great class! Really touches on absolutely everything and goes through every single card in Tarot (including reversals!) I feel like most certifications or workshops either don't touch base on reversals, astrology or numerology and Joey touches on all of them PLUS how to market yourself on top of all the meanings. Super friendly and the worksheets and slides are invaluable. Thanks Joey!” (Tarot Master Certification, Summer Martin)

Loved this course. I have enjoyed playing and learning with my Tarot cards and now with a better understanding. Can’t wait for my next course with him!” (Fun & Easy Intro to All 78 Tarot Cards + Best for Beginners, Lindsey Saunders)

The overriding theme that pervades Joey's presentation is his obvious love for crystals.  As love is the key to the spiritual path, I am sure that many students will walk through the door with him.  Blessing be!” (Intro to Chakras & 22 Energy Healing Crystals, Roger Joyeux)

I have studied the Tarot for quite a while and took this course as a refresher. It was wonderful for that purpose and I also gained some new insight from the way the teacher interpreted the cards.” (Fun & Easy Intro to All 78 Tarot Cards + Best for Beginners, Skye Foster)

I absolutely loved this course! Joey is a remarkable teacher. He is so fun but super intelligent as well. His energy is so great, and he goes slow so you can really have everything sink in. He is an amazing teacher! I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to learn tarot.” (Tarot Master Certification, Katherine Grace Parkinson)

The information was presented with enthusiasm balanced with factual knowledge.  Joey is always an engaging instructor.  His passion for the topics he teaches is evident.  The quizzes were very helpful, as were the visual aids and examples.  A few exercises or interactive content would improve the course, such as something where you have to recognize a crystal based on its appearance or drag-and-drop stones into a grid.  Great course!  I will recommend it without hesitation.” (Crystal Master Certification, Lisa Marsan)

Joey is amazing and puts off great energy through the whole course. He gives great information on each of the 72 cards and makes them easy to learn. I will definitely be looking into the other courses he has to offer.” (Tarot Master Certification, Maureen Shadden)

I'm a new Tarot reader and this class is helping me understand and remember. he's so real and funny. you'll want to learn.” (Fun & Easy Intro to All 78 Tarot Cards + Best for Beginners, Kaniya Johnson)

Joey explains the concepts in an uncomplicated way and gives the listener alternative interpretations to reach the various pursuant of Tarot and its history.  Also, Snaps is adorable!” (Fun & Easy Intro to All 78 Tarot Cards + Best for Beginners, Ian Sincalr)

This was a very comprehensive course. Thank you so much.  The instructor is engaging, enlightening and if it weren't for Mr. Snaps, life would not yet be complete!” (Fun & Easy Intro to All 78 Tarot Cards + Best for Beginners, Renee Ing Akana)

"This was a great crystal learning experience and gives you a great introduction of what you can do with crystals this is a great add on to my dowsing/healing that I do, thanks Joey." (Crystal Master Certification, Stuart McPhillips)

"Really enjoyed Joeys taster tarot course, the Tarot is no longer a puzzle to me. I will be enrolling on master course soon and feel super excited about learning more. Joey is very natural, his warmth and passion shine through, aided and abetted by Mr Snaps." (Fun & Easy Intro to All 78 Tarot Cards + Best for Beginners, June Beresford)