Joey Wargachuk is an entrepreneur, digital marketing and communications specialist, Tarot and Crystal reader, and certified Reiki Master and teacher. Joey studied Fashion Marketing at the International Academy of Design, after which he founded his own business in 2009, Wargachuk Brand Management. Since starting his own business, Joey has worked to design websites, event posters, and create marketing materials of every shape and size for: high profile entertainers, local small businesses, and even, large corporations.

From a young age, however, intuition and spiritual practices have always been a profoundly essential component to Joey’s life. Clairvoyant talents, a magnetic attraction to the divine, and vibrational understandings of crystals had developed early in Joey, in the midst of his teenage years, with incredible depth of understanding. When his beloved Grandmother had willed to him the gift of Tarot, Joey had immediately felt the power by which Tarot possesses – and with such power, this had not only strengthened his predominantly strong connection with crystals, but, to this day, has allowed him to be even more in tune with each and every person that asks to be read by him.

After personally benefitting, to an extreme degree, from his years of nurturing such metaphysical talents, Joey now derives great pleasure, joy, and personal satisfaction out of helping others in regards to Reiki, crystal, and Tarot readings, and by helping others find their optimal spiritual path in life.

Although, on one hand, Joey is a devoted futurist who spends his time keeping up with the latest trends in respect to scientific advancement, on the other hand, however, he most commonly follows a more traditional path of Tarot reading and crystal healing, as passed down to him from his grandmother. His first story, The App of Time Travel , had been published in 2014, and takes readers on a wild adventure through the eyes of a young high school student who travels through time to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Joey is profoundly enthusiastic in regards to his future, as his spiritual empire is steadily growing, and he is able to reach out to help more and more people with his profound gifts. If you would like to reach out to him, he would happily await your request – for he feels incredible personal joy and satisfaction in respect to assisting others’ lives and one’s own personal journeys towards bliss.