1 on 1 Forensic Psychic Master Certification

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1 on 1 Forensic Psychic Master Certification. Only $750 (5 hours) Was $1000. Course Valued at $1500.


Not Only Learn about the Psychic Development but learn how to intuitively psychic forensic detective and help people find missing things and help real life detectives close cases with your mystic gifts. Learn the impact and power of using intuition and spirt and the limitless power of your third eye.

Part 1 Third Eye Activation
Part 2 ESP Development
Part 3 Remote Viewing & Astral Projection
Part 4 Mediumship and Passed Victim interviewing
Part 5 Psychic Criminology and Crime Scene documentation
Part 6  Information transfer to authorities and professionalism
Part 7: Case Studies and Assignment review
Part 8: Psychic Self Care and Client Care


All 1 on 1 Workshops are done via Zoom. Please contact@wargachuk.com to ask about in person 1 on 1 Workshop pricing.