1 on 1 Chakra Master Certification

1 on 1 Chakra Master Certification

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1 on 1 Chakra Master Certification. Only $750 (5 hours) Was $1000. Course Valued at $1500.


Not Only Learn about the 7 chakras but learn how to intuitively test and balance each. Learn the impact and power of using crystals, colours, flowers, smells, foods and a collection of meditations and affirmations to empower each of yours or your client’s chakra imbalances.

Part 1 Introduction to Chakras.
Part 2 The Root
Part 3 The Sacral
Part 4 The Solar Plexus
Part 5 The Heart
Part 6  The Throat
Part 7: The Third Eye
Part 8: The Crown


All 1 on 1 Workshops are done via Zoom. Please contact@wargachuk.com to ask about in person 1 on 1 Workshop pricing.