1 on 1 Tarot Master Certification

1 on 1 Tarot Master Certification

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1 on 1 Tarot Master Certification. Only $750 (5 hours) Was $1000 Course Valued at $1500.

8 Part introduction course on reading tarot cards for our own use or to read for others. The course will use the standard Rider Waite deck, and if you don't have a deck, you can buy the at Happy Soul.

Receive 4 Handouts:
-Tarot Cheat Sheet
- 8 Layout Spreads
- Tarot Numerology
- Tarot and Astrology

Those who complete the 8 part course receive a digital copy of all 108 power point slides created by Joey Wargachuk.

Part 1: Intro to Tarot

Part 2: Major Arcana

Part 3: Minor Arcana: The Suit of Cups & The Suit of Pentacles

Part 4: The Suit of Wands & The Suit of Swords

Part 5: Mastering Court Cards & Reading Reversals

Part 6: Numerology & Astrology in Tarot

Part 7: Mastering and Creating Spreads

Part 8: Make Money with Tarot

Those that attend  all 8 parts and pass the test will receive a certificate.

Homework Required:
5 Case Studies of 3 card readings
5 Tests
Final Exam do a 3 card readings for instructor


All 1 on 1 Workshops are done via Zoom. Please contact@wargachuk.com to ask about in person 1 on 1 Workshop pricing.