1 on 1 Crystal Astrology Master Certification

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1 on 1 Crystal Astrology Master Certification. Only $750 (5 hours) Was $1000. Course Valued at $1500.


Not Only Learn about the Astrology but how crystals can aid the energies that the heavenly bodies interject in your life. learn how to intuitively test and balance each your zodiac sign and chakras with crystals Learn the impact and power of using astrology to reach your dreams and how crystals can amplify your intentions.

Part 1 Introduction to astrolgy
Part 2 Crystal & Chakras
Part 3 Connecting Energy to and your natal chart
Part 4 how to balance your houses and plan for the futures with crystals
Part 5 Crystals & Astrology with Love, Money and life Purpose
Part 6  Crystal for Birthstones, Planets signs and houses
Part 7: Creating zodiac crystal sets and Crystal grids
Part 8: Doing Crystal Astrology for Others


All 1 on 1 Workshops are done via Zoom. Please contact@wargachuk.com to ask about in person 1 on 1 Workshop pricing.