Executive Tarot & Crystal Reading

Executive Tarot & Crystal Reading

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Please Note that Executive Tarot & Crystal readings are highly focused Spiritual business tools. 

Consulting with a Master Tarot & Crystal Reader can assist you with opening up new possibilities in running your corporate organization.

Do you have questions on your mind, decisions that you’d like to explore?

What Are Things in your Business coming up that you haven't planned for?

Are you seeking to improve your relationships with your Team, career choices and the overall level of fulfillment?

Executive Readings Outline

  1. Where the Executive is on their Journey
  2. Where the Organization is currently and how it is growing
  3. How The Board is effecting and reacting to the Executive
  4. The next 12 months ahead for the Executive, Organization & Board
  5. What Questions or Problems would you like to ask the Cards?

About The Tarot & Crystal Master Reader

Joey Wargachuk has Been Reading Tarot since he was 12! Trained traditionally in the method by his beloved grandmother he has over 22 years of miraculous experience to draw from and has helped thousands of business owners find insight with his powerfully action based tarot readings.

All Appointments are done via Skype or Facebook Video Chat or in person on Request*

This includes a follow-up email with any questions you may have:)

*in-person readings are done in Toronto, Canada.  If you require joey to come to your location please email contact@wargachuk.com

Reviews & Testimonials 

"Joey Wargachuk Help me resolve a lot of blockages in where I was on my path of growing my 3 Businesses" - Kim, CEO.

"I Been using this type of readings with Mr. Wargachuk on a Monthly Basis to bring perspective to how I can effectively use the tools in my company to best grow it and help as many people as possible" -Alex, COO.

"Tarot has become the center stone of all my business goals! Thank you Joey for not only helping me check in with where I am but helping me grow my business" -Steve, CEO.

"I was so lost after 20 years of growing a small real estate empire I thought I was going to have to go bankrupt! Joey did so much to guide me through restructuring with Tarot that in 12 months I am going to pass a 9 figure record in sales I never thought possible! Feeling Blessed" - M.E CEO.

Tarot & Crystal Guidance Packages

3x60 Min. Readings over 3 Month. Only $800. Reg. $999. Save $199

6x60 Min. Readings Over 6 Month. Only $1700. Reg. $1998. Save $298

12x60 Min. Readings Over 1 Year. Only $3450. Reg. $3996. Save $546