1 on 1 Tarot Master Certification

1 on 1 Tarot Master Certification

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1 on 1 Tarot Master Certification. Only $750 (5 hours) Was $1000 Course Valued at $1500.

Ten Part introduction course on reading tarot cards for our own use or to read for others. The course will use the standard Rider Waite deck, and if you don't have a deck, you can buy the at Happy Soul.

Receive 4 Handouts:
-Tarot Cheat Sheet
- 8 Layout Spreads
- Tarot Numerology
- Tarot and Astrology

Those who complete the 8 part course receive a digital copy of all 108 power point slides created by Joey Wargachuk.

Part 1: Intro to Tarot

Part 2: Major Arcana

Part 3: Minor Arcana: The Suit of Cups & The Suit of Pentacles

Part 4: The Suit of Wands & The Suit of Swords

Part 5: Mastering Court Cards & Reading Reversals

Part 6: Numerology & Astrology in Tarot

Part 7: Mastering and Creating Spreads

Part 8: Make Money with Tarot

Those that attend  all 8 parts and pass the test will receive a certificate.

Homework Required:
5 Case Studies of 3 card readings
5 Tests
Final Exam do a 3 card readings for instructor


All 1 on 1 Workshops are done via Zoom. Please contact@wargachuk.com to ask about in person 1 on 1 Workshop pricing.