Crystals for the Holidays!


It's that time of year! These are the top 6 Crystals I recommend to get you through the holiday season!


calms the nerves and eases emotional swings

Amethyst is a spiritual protection stone, increasing spirituality, and enhancing intuition and psychic abilities. An excellent crystal for meditation, sleep and dream recollection it helps you release negative patterns. This Crystal expands awareness and welcomes us into the crystal family.

Chakra Association: Crown & Third Eye
Astrological Association: Aquarius & Neptune
Country of Origin: Britain, Brazil, Canada, United States
Structure: Trigonal

Black Tourmaline

eases anxiety and helps to prevent panic attacks

Promotes self-confidence and personal strength by clearing away negative energies, and absorbing psychic attacks. Black Tourmaline protects your aura and your space, and it absorbs the effects of electromagnetic pollution and bad vibes

Chakra Association: Root
Astrological Association: Libra & Scorpio
Country of Origin: Africa, Brazil, Sri Lanka, United States
Structure: Hexagonal


guides you where you need to be

Moonstone connects you to Goddess Energy, and increases intuition.  It provides protection during travel  Moonstone is a powerful calming stone.

Chakra Association: Sacral, Solar Plexus and Crown
Astrological Association: Cancer & The Moon
Country of Origin: Australia, Canada, India, Sri Lanka
Structure: Triclinic

Blue Kyanite

promotes self-confidence and helps you to speak up

A communication stone, Blue Kyanite is good to hold when journaling, writing, or speaking.  It aligns all the chakras and removes blockages between them. Good for ridding yourself of self-imposed guilt.

Chakra Association: Throat
Astrological Association: Pisces
Country of Origin: Brazil
Structure: Triclinic


helps you overcome trauma and eases anxiety

Rhodonite grounds your heart chakra and helps you express your love.  It teaches us to be present, and avoid getting stuck in the past, or focusing on negative emotions.

Chakra Association: Heart
Astrological Association: Aries
Country of Origin: Germany, Russia, Spain, Sweden
Structure: Hexagonal

Blue Lace Agate

instantly soothes you and keeps you in a calm state

Stone of tranquility. Brings you into a zen vibration and allows you to listen to those you are not hearing with your heart. Clears out the energetic blockages around the ears.

Chakra Association: Throat
Astrological Association: Gemini & Mercury
Country of Origin: Czech Republic, India, Morocco, United States
Structure: Hexagonal

During this time remember to take time for yourself between holiday obligations and clear and energize your crystals between uses:)


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