Crystals for Communication

Work with these crystals to improve your words and align your ears to hear and speak the truth.


helps you speak your heart and releases stress

Brings flow and clarity to your emotions and thinking, as well as to relationships and conflict, leading to resolutions.

Chakra Association: Throat
Astrological Association: Aquarius & Uranus
Country of Origin: Brazil
Structure: Hexagonal

Lapis Lazuli

confront and speak your truth

Brings you peace and knowledge by creating a strong connection through the third eye to the divine and cosmic wisdom. 

Chakra Association: Throat and Third Eye
Astrological Association: Virgo & Libra
Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Chile, Italy, Russia
Structure: Cubic (Isometric)

Blue Lace Agate

assists with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings

For tranquility and soothing anger. Brings you into a zen state and allows you to listen to those you are not hearing with your heart. Clears out the energetic blocks associated with the hearing.

Chakra Association: Throat
Astrological Association: Gemini & Mercury
Country of Origin: Czech Republic, India, Morocco, United States
Structure: Hexagonal

Blue Kyanite

opens your throat chakra and promotes self-expression

A strong communication stone, Blue Kyanite is powerful to hold when journaling, writing, or speaking.  It aligns all the chakras and removes blockages from between them. Rids yourself of self-imposed guilt.

Chakra Association: Throat
Astrological Association: Pisces
Country of Origin: Brazil
Structure: Triclinic


brings clear understanding and expands the mind

Psychic initiation and opening the third eye, Azurite expands consciousness, develops intuition and unlocks higher wisdom. A crystal for astral protection and spirit work.

Chakra Association: Third Eye
Astrological Association: Capricorn & Saturn
Country of Origin: Australia, Chile, Peru, United States
Structure: Monoclinic

Blue Apatite

Enhances Communication in groups

Helps you release negativity and unwanted baggage so you can live your best life.

Chakra Association: Throat
Astrological Association: Cancer
Country of Origin: Mexico, Norway, Russia, United States
Structure: Hexagonal

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