4 Crystals To Support You During the Holiday Season

The Holiday Season can be very hard for energetically sensitive people. So many requests that take us out of our comfort zone! Pressures from work/family or maybe lack there of can be overwhelming to navigate!

I always love working with crystal vibrations to help bring me into alignment! These are the 4 Crystal I highly recommend to rise your vibration, clear and deflect negativity while bringing you into alignment with your joy.

Amethyst strengthens spirituality, psychic powers and dream recollection and relates to the third eye chakra. This crystal is perfect for beginners and makes a wonderful Christmas gift as its aesthetically beautiful and helps to expand

Selenite cleans auras, rooms and other crystals and connects you to your spirit guides and corresponds to the crown chakra. With so much negative energetic guck being built up around your aura this is perfect

Obsidian is protective by dissolving anger, criticism and fear and relates to the root chakra. As a repeller crystal it reflects energy of a negative frequency and can help to keep the people who trigger you away.

Orange Calcite links emotions, body, mind and spirit; it brings joy and helps to process emotions and relates to the Sacral Chakra. This crystal is like sunshine and brings your focus into what connection make you happy and helps you to get back into those positive patterns.

You can work with each crystal individually or use them as a set and keep them in a little bag together for their energy matrix to help make your holiday stresses easier.

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